The 22nd SCORE Desert Challenge Race Course is Set And it Sounds Tough

The next event on the SCORE calendar is coming up and the course is now set. 

The 22nd running of the Tijuana SCORE Desert Challenge will run from Sept.20-23, sending drivers out onto a 68-mile loop course. The race uses a unique split format, which has each racer run one lap on each day.

Lucerna Hotels and Resorts is now a major SCORE sponsor and is the official hotel of the race.

The race will begin in Southeast Tijuana, travelling in a counterclockwise direction over its 68-mile length. The route uses a lot of the same trails as last year’s race and passes through a number of towns including La Mesa, Cerro Valader, Loma del Gato and Sierra Cipres. Two full-stop checkpoints will be set out at race mile 22.2 and 49.5.  

“After race-mile 17, it’s smooth and technical on the course all the way to the Valle de las Palmas,” said the man who laid out the race course, Jose A. Grijalva. “Pitting will be allowed between race-mile 47 to race-mile 52 with access roads for teams out to Highway 3. The course is short, but tough and the racers will all know they have had a workout. Many teams will use two drivers, one for each day or each drive half way each day depending on the class. Motorcycle and quad riders may have as many as three or four and change riders at their pit. Overall, the course is mostly tight technical roads with some rocky sections and washouts, nearly half of the course will be on public roads good enough room for passing and there is some silt from race-mile 5 to race-mile 8.”

SCORE already has 83 official entries for the race, with racers from 17 US States and five different countries.
Start order will be arranged by a qualifying draw help on Friday, September 14. The elapsed-time race will have a three-hour time limit each day, and the racers will hit the course starting at 7am.
This is the third race in the 2018 SCORE Desert World Championship, which will conclude in November with the running of the 51st Baja 1000.
Photo courtesy the SCORE Facebook Page