Top 5 Most Expensive Side-by-Sides from the Major Brands

One of the best parts of powersports is how low the cost of entry can be, but these days, you can also break the bank buying a brand-new machine.

And when you do go all in with your cash, you get some of the most innovative features on the market. From active dynamic suspension to nearly having 200 horsepower, each of these expensive toys packs a serious punch in its own way.

This may seem obvious as well, but in each case, the machines listed here are the most expensive units sold by each brand, and it’s interesting to see a mix of utility and sport side-by-sides here, along with both two- and multiple-passenger version.

So read on, as we look at the most expensive new side-by-sides available.

Special mention: Nikola NZT

The all-electric side-by-side from Nikola certainly isn’t cheap, with a starting price of $28,900 that can climb all the way up to $45,900 before adding additional options are accessories. The NZT has a range of about 90 to 150 miles, depending on the terrain.

Insane specs like the available 500-horsepower put this side-by-side in a class all on its own, and that’s why we didn’t include this in our regular list.

5. Textron Wildcat XX

The Textron Wildcat XX sells for $20,499 US ($25,199) in Canada and offers 125 horsepower coming from a 998 cc engine. 18-inches of suspension travel helps to swallow rocks whole, while 14-inches of ground clearance an FOX 2.5 Podium shocks keep things smooth.

Finish with a set of 30-inch Behemoth tires, and the Wildcat XX is ready for Baja dunes.

4. Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition Matte Grey Metallic

This special edition model from Honda comes packing a number of interesting features not found on lesser models, including FOX QS-3 shocks, hill-start assist, red springs and A-arms and more. This unit sells for an MSRP of $21,899 ($25,899 CAD).

Power is provided by a 999cc liquid-cooled engine, allowing the Pioneer to tow up to 2000 lbs. A six-speed dual-clutch transmission gets power to the ground, unique in a world dominated by CVTs.

12.7-inches of ground clearance and 27-inch tires help this Pioneer clear the rough stuff out on the trail.

3. John Deere XUV865R

One of John Deere’s most capable units comes in at number three on the list. The XUV865R is not the fastest side-by-side on the list, but it is probably the most comfortable. That’s because this unit comes with full HVAC, keeping the fully enclosed cabin hot in the winter and cold in the summer.

Power for this unit comes from a 854 cc diesel engine that makes 22.8 horsepower. This machine packs 11-inches of ground clearance, a 2,000-lb tow capacity and payload capacity of 1500 pounds.

And what does it all cost? In the US, $24,699 while Canadians will pay $32,109.

2. Polaris RZR XP Turbo S

At the top of the list, we find the two top-dog sport side-by-sides from two manufacturers that love to do battle: Polaris and Can-Am.

The RZR XP Turbo S is Polaris’ latest and greatest in having fun and going fast. It gets 168 horsepower from its turbocharged engine, active suspension that djust on the fly based on the terrain, 16-inches of ground clearance and and incredible 25-inches of suspension travel.

This machine only has two seats, it is 72-inches wide and 32-inch tires come standard from the factory.

All of that machine comes at a cost of $27,499 US ($33,599 CAD).

  1. Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX X RS Turbo R

The most expensive machine we could find is also a sport side-by-side, but this one is good for up to four passengers. The Can-Am Maverick X3 MAX X RS Turbo R is a mouthful of a name, but all those extra letters add mind-bending power.

This machine has 172 horsepower, 22-inches of suspension travel, 14-inches of ground clearance, Fox 3.0 Podium shocks, and 30-inch tires.

So what does it all cost? This machine sells for $29,899 in the US and $36,499 in Canada.