2019 Textron Wildcat XX Gets a Power Boost, New Havoc Backcountry and Base Model Announced

Textron has announced its 2019 side-by-side lineup which includes a power boost for the Wildcat XX and some fresh new models. 

The biggest news is more power for the Wildcat XX, Textron’s pure sport model that challenges the likes of the Maverick X3 and RZR Turbo S.

For 2019, the Wildcat gets 130 horsepower from its 998cc naturally aspirated EFI engine, a 5 hp bump up from its previous 125. That makes it the most powerful naturally aspirated side-by-side out there, beating out the RZR XP 1000’s 110 hp.

The rest of the kit on the Wildcat XX stays the same, which means you get 18-inches of suspension travel, FOX 2.5 Podium QS3 shocks, 14-inches of ground clearance and more.

Pricing for the XX has gone up by $200 for 2019, coming in at $20,699 US. Canadian pricing wasn’t announced, but if it’s like the US model, than expect it to start at $25,399.

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

A new model is also being added to the Wildcat XX lineup: the LTD. This package dresses up the Wildcat XX with features and accessories that make it more trail ready including front and rear bumpers, a half-windshield, a Bimini roof with a built-in roll-up top and sun screen and even a factory-installed weather resistant stereo, that comes with two Kicker speakers.

The Wildcat XX LTD gets an exclusive color as well, Jet Black, and it will sell for $21,999 US.

Besides the pure sport Wildcat XX, Textron has also announced some updates to its Sport/Rec model, the Havoc.

2019 Textron Havoc X

The biggest change to the Havoc X model is the announcement new FOX 2.5 Poduim QS3 shocks, replacing the King Piggyback Reservoir shocks that were used before. Everything else on the Havoc X remains, which means you still get a 100-hp engine, 13-inches of ground clearance, a 2,000-lb towing capacity and 600-pounds of payload.

Pricing for the Havoc X is on its way up though, with the 2019 model selling for $17,799 in the US, about a $500 increase compared to the previous model. In Canada, that puts the price around $21,799.

New high-bolstered seats have been added to every Havoc model as well, and there two new packages being introduced for 2019 the Havoc Backcountry and a new base model.

2019 Textron Havoc Backcountry

The Backcountry comes standard with a roof and hood rack, high-bolstered seats and unique styling with a Bright White and Orange paintjob. Pricing for the Havoc Backcountry starts at $17,799.

On the other end of the lineup, a new base Havox model has been introduced to offer a budget option. Still packing the same 2,000-lb tow capacity, 600-lb payload rating an 100 horsepower engine as other Havoc models, this new base model will sell for just $16,299 and is available in Fire Red.

Textron says that there is still some more 2019 news coming, so stay tuned.

2019 Textron Havoc Base