The Many Flavors of Can-Am Maverick X3: Which One To Get?

Can-Am Maverick X3

Side-by-sides are getting more powerful and more extreme. The Can-Am Maverick X3 is a great example with 20-inch of wheel travel and up to 172 horsepower. If you are in market for a machine like this, you also need to decide between eight different models of the X3.

The range starts with the X3 Turbo two-seater that offers 120 horsepower and starts at $19,999. It’s available in silver/yellow or white color schemes.

The ‘X3 X RC Turbo’ is the next step up that also offers a roof, a winch, and a Rock driving mode. This one starts at $23,999.

If you want more power, then the ‘X3 X DS Turbo R’ is the way to go that boosts the power way up to 172 horses. This machine starts at $25,399.

Not extreme enough? The ‘X3 X RS Turbo R’ is the machine that adds FOX PODIUM 3.0 RC2 shocks and heavy duty skid plates. This one will start at $27,299.

If you love mud, then there is a special ‘X3 X MR Turbo’ that offers paddle tires and relocated engine and CVT air intakes. This one starts at $22,699.

If a two-seater machine is not enough, then the ‘X3 MAX’ is a full four-seat machine with a stretched wheelbase. The ‘X3 MAX Turbo’ starts at $21,999. It’s basically $2,000 more than the two-seat version.


The most extreme, largest, and the most expensive model is the ‘X3 MAX X RS Turbo R’ that start a hair under $30,000.

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