Watch Us Install a Rooftop Tent on Our Land Rover Discovery II

Over at TFLTruck and TFLCar, we take all sorts of road-going vehicles off-road, and sometimes they need saving. 

That led us to the TFL rescue rig, a Land Rover Discovery II, and our latest upgrade is a new Yakima rooftop tent. This is Yakima’s medium-sized Skyrise rooftop tent which is ready to sleep three people.

The installation process isn’t the most straightforward, and requires some tools and a bit of time. In total, it took us about three hours to get it fully installed and ready for a night of camping.

Hoisting it up to get to the roof of the vehicle is also not the easiest process, as the tent is heavy and the Land Rover is tall.

So is it worth it in the end? And is this tent even comfortable?

Watch the video to find out!