Course Map for the 51st Baja 1000 Revealed

The 51st running of the Baja 1000 will run from November 13-18 and the official course map has not been revealed. 

This year’s race will be a loop, starting and finishing in Ensenada. The loop is a total of 806.76 miles long and racers have a 36 hour time limit to complete to the run. The motorcycle and quad classes will start at 4 a.m. (PT) on Friday, Nov. 16 and the car, truck and UTV classes will follow with their start on at 10:30 a.m. (PT)on Friday, Nov. 16.
Qualifying for the Tophy Trucks will take place on Tuesday, Oct.30 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway during the SEMA show, and a special SCORE exhibit will be setup at the show which runs from Oct.29-Nov.2.
SCORE Race Director Jose A. Grijalva designed the course, as usual, and all of its five main checkpoints and 192 visual checkpoints. Pre-running for the race begins on Oct.27 at Rm 38.4, just south of Ojos Negros. A brand new short section has been added that has never been raced on before. The silt beds are so gnarly this year, that Class 11 (stock VW beetles) and all Sportsman four-wheel vehicles will be taking a pavement section to avoid the Catavina loop.
The El Rey Network will be hosting the Baja 1000 coverage, which will be a two-hour special that runs sometime after the race.