Do You Want More From a Dual Sport Bike? 2019 Zero Motorcycles Has An Answer (News)

2019 zero motorcycles dsr ds electric dual sport
2019 Zero DSR

Zero Motorcycles has made a name for itself by focusing on all-electric bikes over the last 13 years. For 2019, the company is focusing on their dual-sport DS & DSR line of motorcycles. The company says these updates bikes have more power and more available range.

2019 Zero Motorcycles DS / DSR

The updates start with the DS ZF7.2. This is the more light-weight bike in the range. The company says that they have raised the horsepower by 35% when compared to the outgoing model. The top speed goes up by 8%. What does it mean? Complete 2019 specs are not available yet, but the older 2018 model was rated at 46 HP and 98 MPH top speed.

Next up is the DS ZF14.4. This dual-sport ups the ante with a higher capacity battery and increases its total driving range by 10% according to Zero Motorcycles. The new range estimates are 204 miles in the city and 97 miles on the highway (at 70 MPH). This is with a 18 kWh batter. The 14.4 model is 96 lbs heavier than the 7.2 model, so if you like a lighter bike and a little more storage space, then the 7.2 is the way to go.  (The 7.2 has a curb weight of around 317 lbs.)

There is also the range-topping DSR that offers 116 lb-ft of torque. The maximum driving range is now 223 miles in the city and 112 miles on the highway.

Level 2 charging option is available, and it allows to add about 98 miles of range after 1 hour of being plugged in.

DS pricing ranges between $10,995 for the DS 7.2 and $16,495 for the DSR.

2019 Zero DS and DSR models are shipping to dealers now.

We hope to review Zero Motorcycle model soon. In the meantime, here is a look at a whole other bike – the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R.