How Does the Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo Handle the Ultimate Slip Test?

Just how good is the four-wheel drive system on the Polaris RZR 4 Turbo S? 

We took out the sliders and hit the back parking lot to see exactly how well the Polaris puts its power to the ground. And it didn’t disappoint.

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Thanks to locking differentials in the front and rear, this unit puts all of its 168 horsepower to the ground, truly through all four wheels. There was no scenario in our slip test where the unit wasn’t able to easily slide off our rollers, meant to replicate a no-traction surface.

These sliders have been enough to fool some all-wheel drive crossovers, and can really illuminate how an AWD setup goes about its business. But on a purpose built off-road machine like the RZR Turbo S, our sliders didn’t slow it down at all.

Watch the video above to see how the slip test works.