Ski-Doo Redo Ep.2: The One Where The Sled Almost Burns Down

As some of you may know, we launched a build series on TFLOffroad called Ski-Doo redo, and it’s all about reviving an old Ski-Doo 500 fan that spent a few years in a field. 

Episode two is all about getting this machine running, and that wasn’t an easy task. We quickly figured out that the engine wasn’t getting any gas, and slowly but surely we worked through all the variables to figure out why.

Before we dove into the engine though, a quick run out to a local sled wreckers came first to try and salvage some parts. We dug through plenty of old machinery searching for a trailing arm and a windshield shroud, but ended up getting skunked. So we went back to the shop, ready to fire this engine up.

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In the process, some quick start (ether) was used to try and jump start the engine, but to no avail. And we may have overdone it a bit with the ether, evidenced by the fireball….You’ll have the watch the video to see it for yourself!

Anyways, first we pulled the carbs and cleaned them up inside, then we yanked the fuel sending unit and cleaned it out, and finally we replaced the fuel lines to be sure there were no blockages. Of course, while all of these parts were out of the sled, a ton of cleaning took place to make sure this things looks pretty once it’s back together.

By the end of the day, the Ski-Doo was running, and we are only missing a few eyebrow hairs. Make sure you watch the video above to see this old Ski-Doo return to its former glory!