ATV or Side-by-Side? Have Your Say in Our Poll!

A little while back, we released a video diving into the differences between ATVs and side-by-sides, an now we’re asking the question again.

The choice between a smaller ATV and a larger side-by-side is all about looking at the reasons for purchase and making sure that the machine you bring home will perform all those duties.

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Side-by-sides are the clear choice for hauling large or heavy payload along with towing large trailers. These machines are also much better for transporting people, as the largest machines can haul up to six people. On the downside, side-by-sides are large and expensive, so if you’re riding tight trails or have a tight budget, an ATV might be the answer.

On the positive side for ATVs, these machines are small, light and agile compared to big SxSs. Getting into tight spots is better on an ATV, not to mention these machines can be loaded into the bed of a pickup truck, which most SxSs can’t. Pricing for ATVs is also much more affordable compared to larger SxSs.

When looking at which machine is more fun, the jury is still out. We would take the ATV for overall rider fun, because riding an ATV is much more engaging that driving a side-by-side. But today’s sport side-by-sides are pretty incredible too and offer plenty of thrills, so this really comes down to personal preference.

So which would you rather? Have your say in our poll.