Ski-Doo Redo Ep.3: Two Guys Versus a Rusty Bolt – Finishing the $400 Snowmobile Build

Old bolts can be a struggle to deal with, and on this episode of
Ski-Doo ReDo, it’s two guys versus one bolt.

As we continue to bring this old 2002 Ski-Doo Grand Touring 500 Fan
back to it’s former glory, we keep discovering that nothing is ever as
easy as you would expect. All because of one stuck bolt.

Once we got the sled running, the next step was to replace the front
right suspension components, as many were bent or damaged from what
looks like a collision with something solid. We peeled the old
trailing arm off and replaced it, though we did our best to keep the
budget low by bending the radius rods back into place and painting

When it came time to remove the posts from the skis is when we ran
into our first seized bolt. Luckily, we bought a new pair of skis for
our machine, so we were able to cut, grind and mangle the old ski
enough to get the post free. But that bolt will have to be drilled out
to get it working right.

Fitting the Ski-Doo’s posts to our new skis was interesting, as the
rubber mounts on the bottom were a little too thick and wouldn’t allow
the bolt holes to line up. We knew the ski wouldn’t be a perfect fit,
but since this is a budget build, we made it work. It took some rubber
shaving and a few washers for shims, but the new-to-us skis are now on
the machine.

Next step was installing the radius rods, which bolted right up, and
then we moved on to the windshield. Sadly, the windshield we got with
the sled from the auction yard is not the correct one. But once again,
we’re committed to making it work in the name budget building! Two of
the windshield tabs fit into the existing slots in the sled luckily,
and to make sure the fit is snug, we drilled two holes and will
install some plastic push-style clips to hold it firm.

Finally, we put a drive belt onto the machine, which was also a
learning experience. The key to getting a belt onto this Ski-Doo’s CVT
is about opening the secondary clutch, which we didn’t know at first,
hence the struggling you will see in the video. Once we figured it
out, it was a case of finding a bolt that fits into the pre-drilled
holes in the secondary, because the tool kit in our Ski-Doo is missing
and it features a specialized tool meant to help with spreading the
secondary. Once open, the belt slipped right on.

To finish up, we attempted to start the sled once again, but sadly,
she didn’t want to run. We didn’t spend a ton of time trying to get it
back up and running, so in the next video, we’ll let you know if
there’s still an issue we don’t know about, or if we can get it going

So come back for the finale of Ski-Doo ReDo, and watch us finally take
this machine for a boot.

Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.