Is It Possible to Turn Your Side-by-Side or ATV Into a Snow Monster?

can-am maverick snow tracks
Can-Am with snow tracks

What do you do if you own a side-by-side, such as a Can-Am Maverick, but you are looking ahead to a snowy winter. You don’t have a snowmobile, but you can add snow tracks to your Maverick UTV or any number of other “four-wheel” machines. Is it possible to turn a side-by-side into an unstoppable and fun snow machine?

Indeed, this is an option, but it costs considerable amount of money, and there are several tradeoffs.

Snow track systems from Can-AM (BRP) pricing starts at $4,539.99 for the Apache 360 LT, but a mounting kit and other accessories are required to make it work. Apache Backcountry mounting kit starts at $524.99. It means that a snow track equipped side-by-side will add $5,000 – $6,000 to your budget.

Once, you get the snow tracks put on, you might also want to add a windshield, doors, extra lights and more in order to make the ride more comfortable and safe.

Polaris also offers a track system for the RZR lineup that is priced right around $5,500 for the tracks and the mounting kit.

We have not done a full review of a side-by-side on snow tracks yet (we are planning one soon), but there are some trade-offs between a snowmobile and tracked side-by-side. A snowmobile is much narrower and lighter machine that requires considerable rider skill to run. A side-by-side is a wider, heavier, and more stable platform – so the riding experience will vary greatly.

Nonetheless, spending an extra $5,000 on your side-by-side for a track system could indeed turn it into a snow-going monster, and that is cool.

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