The 2018 Baja 1000 is This Weekend! Find Out Everything You Need to Know Here

The granddaddy of all the SCORE desert races is upon us once again. The 51st running of the Baja 1000 will begin on November 16. 

Tech inspection and contingency for the 2018 Baja 1000 will kick-off on November 14, where all of the race vehicles will be paraded down the middle of a packed street full of spectators and vendors. This year’s race will be a single loop, starting and ending in Ensenada, Mexico. The loop is 806.76 miles this year, a over two hundred miles less than last year’s point-to-point marathon from Ensenada to La Paz.

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The racing will commence at 4:00am local time on Nov. 16, when the Pro Moto, Pro Quads, Sportsman Moto and Sportsman Quad categories begin to take off. There is an overall time limit of 36 hours for every vehicle to complete the course.

Five and a half hours later at 10:30am, the four-wheel classes will begin, starting with the the monstrous Trophy Trucks.

Over 300 entries are expected to run this year’s race and the fastest of those vehicles, usually the Pro Moto class, is projected to finish in about 16 hours.

So what are the best ways to follow along with the race? First of all, we highly recommend you tune into Weatherman radio. Weatherman broadcasts his radio signal from high atop a mountain and becomes the central relay point for every race team in the desert. You are able to tap into exactly what is going on with each team in the race, no matter how big or small, by listening to the Weatherman live stream. The live stream can be found here. 

Next up, SCORE has an official live stream running on its website, so you can head over there. The SCORE coverage is really good at the start and finish lines with a few shots from the open Baja desert sprinkled in. With the use of drones, the coverage of the 1000 keeps on getting better, so make sure you have the livestream running as well.

Finally, social media is always a good way to stay up to date, as people post about they’re experiences in Baja. Listed below are a few instagram accounts worth following for some Baja news.

Bryce Menzies –

BJ Baldwin –

Rob MacCachren –

SCORE International –

#Baja10002018 –

We will be sure to embed the live streams into this post as well, so come back here to TFLOffroad for more coverage of the Baja 1000!