Ask TFL: How do John Deere Utility and Performance Machines Stack Up?

How do the John Deere XUV utility and new RSX performance side-by-side compare to the competition? We recently received this question that is asking for more John Deere reviews and information.

We have not tested a John Deere side-by-side recently, but here is the latest information on the XUV and RSX models.

We know that the John Deere side-by-side utility machines are apart of the more affordable machines on the market. The XUV560E has a starting price of $8,399. It is a relatively small and slow vehicle with a 16 hp engine, 28 MPH speed limit, and 500 lbs cargo bed payload capacity. It has room for two people up front, and it’s ready to do work.

There is a new XUV590M black edition side-by-side if you like the John Deere brand, but not the signature yellow/green color scheme. This one starts at $14,999 and offers a 32 horsepower engine and 48 MPH limit.

If you need something bigger, the “full-size” XUV8xx series utility machines are also available. These machines are wider and able to seat three across (or four people with two rows of seats). Power ranges between 23 – 54 horsepower, and diesel versions are also there.

The most expensive two-row machines have starting prices that start at $17,500.

John Deere also has the RSX line of performance oriented side-by-sides. The RSX860E starts at $10,999 and allows for a 60 MPH top speed with a 62 hp engine. The RSX has a more aggressive style as well as four-wheel independent suspension.

Indeed, the John Deere XUV and RSX machines are not as powerful or as quick as some of the competitors, but they still offer a great value and utility.

We are working to setup more John Deere machine video reviews. In the meantime, here is a video overview of how the John Deere machines compare against others on price.

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