Honda is Working on a Self-Driving ATV

Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle is a prototype off-road vehicle that is a combination of HondaÕs all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and emerging advanced autonomous technology. It was designed by Honda R&D Americas to bring efficiencies and increased safety to public, commercial, and consumer enterprises, such as construction, agriculture, search and rescue and firefighting.

Honda has revealed something interesting at the 2019 CES Show: the Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle. 

Exactly as the no-nonsense name applies, the vehicle can drive itself and is designed for work. It uses a Honda Rubicon ATV chassis and 4×4 equipment combined with GPS and sensor-based autonomous drive capability. Honda sees the vehicle as being useful in search and resuce, firefighting, construction, agriculture, landscaping and snow removal.

Different modes can be programmed into the machine to tell it where to go, such as follow, pattern and A to B. A rail accessory mount system is found on top of the unit, to allow for different attachments to allow the machine to do different things.

Honda has already put some of these machines to work in three different work environments, a large-scale solar operations company in North Carolina, a wildland firefighting division in Colorado, and an agricultural and environmental sciences college in California.

The future of self-driving ATVs seems to be reserved for work purposes for now, but once the technology exists, who knows if it will ever spill over to the enthusiast market. Would you try one?