Need More Info on the Honda Talon? Watch Our In-Depth Interview Here

The 2019 Honda Talon is huge news in the off-road world and we have even more details about the machine. 

Honda’s first entry into the sport side-by-side segment has some people upset and others singing its praises, but why? Well, it seems many enthusiasts (online anyways) think the Talon’s 104 horsepower is underwhelming, though the Honda faithful claim that it’s more than enough power when you consider the dual-clutch transmission that converts power more efficiently than a CVT does.

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When it comes to suspension, Honda takes a different approach than most, offering a R model with more travel and an X model with slightly less, claiming it’s the more handling and precision focused machine. Some fans seem happy at this approach, and others don’t like having to choose one or the other.

Where do you stand on these issues? In fact, how do you like the Talon in general? Let us know in the comments below, but before you do, make sure you checkout our interview with one of the Talon engineers to find out everything there is to know about this new Honda.