The Polaris PRO XD Turns to Diesel to Conquer the Jobsite

Polaris Commercial has released a new lineup of utility side-by-sides designed for the toughest jobs.

The new PRO XD lineup consists of three diesel-powered models all based on the Polaris Ranger: the 2000D 2WD, 2000D AWD and the 4000D AWD. Payload capacity is increased to 1930 pounds for these models thanks to a new stiffer chassis while towing comes in at 1500 pounds.

Powering the PRO XD is a Kubota industrial diesel engine making 24.5 horsepower, powering these models to their top speed of 26 mph. Reinforcements have been adopted for the seats, thanks to new puncture-resistant seat material, and new 26-inch non-directional tires designed for puncture resistance have been added to ensure longer tire lift on hard packed surfaces.

Polaris says that the service interval for the new machine is 200 hours, after the initial 50-hour service. To protect itself, the PRO XD has more fault alarms, meant to warn the owner of potential issues like low oil pressure, parking brake issues, belt burn and overheating.

The oil dipstick and air filter have been moved for easier access, while the front air filter has been improved to provide cleaner air ingestion and improved air filter lift.

For safety, Polaris has installed orange seat belts and decals to make sure these machines are high visibility. A backup alarm and horn are fitted to make workers aware of the PRO XD, which will only start when in park. Speed is limited to 26 mph, but can be limited further to 15 mph if a job site requires it. A fully sealed cab can also be had which will keep the dust out.

Pricing for the PRO XD will start at $14,599 USD for the base two-wheel drive model and climb to $16,099 when all-wheel drive is added. Going for the 4000D, which seats four people, brings the price up to $17,749.