The Ferox Azaris is Unlike Any Side-by-Side You’ve Ever Seen

A new off-road vehicle design has appeared from an Australian company, packing unique styling and some interesting features.

The Ferox Azaris packs six wheels, two in the front and four in the rear and that’s just the beginning of what makes this machine unique. The four rear wheels are fitted with in-wheel motors to power the Azaris, but instead of electricity, these wheels use a hydraulic drive system.

The fluid drive system allows each in-wheel motor to be light and responsive with a volumetric efficiency of up to 98 percent. To provide power for the fluid pump, the Azaris can use either an electric motor or a combustion engine, though the company says that the fluid transmission works particularly well with an electric motor.

Power is entirely customizable depending on which power source you choose.

An actual working prototype has been built by the company using a 100-hp BMW R1200GS engine as the power source, though according to Ferox, these in-wheel motors can handle up to 500 lb-ft of torque.

The front suspension is a fairly typical A-arm setup, though the rear suspension uses a unique rocker arm similar to that found on the mars rover. This gave Ferox the chance to showcase its fluid-drive technology, as having in-wheel motors makes it possible to have the rocker arm and still have drive going to all four wheels.

Ferox is working to build the “next evolution in human transportation,” and the Azaris is just one advanced idea in a lineup of futuristic vehicles.