Top 3 TFLOffroad Videos of 2018

Since late June of 2018, TFLoffroad, the newest channel in The Fast Lane family, has produced 66 videos, each showcasing a different product or off-road situation.

But which were your favorites? Embedded below for you viewing pleasure are the three most popular videos that we uploaded to TFLOffroad this year.

3. Epic Off-Road Smackdown: Classic Mahindra Roxor vs Polaris Ranger vs Honda Pioneer

Though it was uploaded late in the year, our test of the Mahindra Roxor next to two established utility side-by-sides was the third most popular video on the channel. It seems that the interest in this Indian-made off-road machine is high.

2. 2019 Honda Talon Revealed

The second most viewed video features no action at all, but it is so popular because of the product. The all-new Honda Talon is first dedicated sport side-by-side from the brand, so needless to say, there is lots of interest on the web about it. Want to learn about the Talon? Take a look below.

  1. Why are Side-by-Sides so Expensive?

This video clearly struck a nerve in 2018, as the price tags of side-by-sides and off-road machines in general climbs to new sky-high heights. So why are side-by-sides so expensive? Well, the truth is that if people are willnig to pay, of course these machines will cost more. But the full story is a little more complicated than that.

You’ll have to watch the video to get out take on it.