2019 Dakar Rally: Stage 8 & 9 Update

The 2019 Dakar Rally is in its final stages, and after stage 8 and 9, Nasser Al-Attiyah is still in line for the win in the car category.

Finishing second on stage 8 and first on stage 9 was enough to expand Al-Attiyah’s lead to 51 minutes over Nani Roma. Sebastien Loeb fought his was back into third position overall after a win on stage 8, but it probably won’t be enough for him to take a win at the Dakar.

In the bikes, Toby Price took the third on stage 8, an incredible accomplishment considering the bike rider had a broken wrist. Matthias Walkner took the win on 8, while Metge took the win on 9. But Price couldn’t be moved from the top spot, going into the final round with just a one minute lead.

No surprise that Cavigliasso took the win in the quad category on both 8 and 9, stretching his lead to one hour and 49 minutes over the second placer Ferioli.

Contardo took stage 8 in the side-by-sides, while Varela took the win on 9, leaving Contardo in the lead by 59 minutes.

Despite a disappointing eighth place on stage 8 for Eduard Nikolaev in the trucks, he managed to win stage 9 and pull himself back into the lead.

So where will all these racers end up? Come back for the conclusion of the Dakar rally later today.