New Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Velocity is a Turbo S For Less Money

The all-new Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Velocity model has arrived to try and save you a few bucks.

The new Velocity model chops about $3,000 off the price tag of both the two- and four-seat Turbo S models, offering nearly the same performance as those top dog models.

The majority of what makes the Turbo S so good is maintained with the Velocity model, which is still 72-inches wide, fit with 32-inch ITP tires, offers 16-inches of ground clearance and four-point harnesses inside.

The cost savings comes from a set of 3.0-inch Walker Evans Velocity Shocks that have high- and low-speed compression adjustment. These replace the FOX Live Valve shocks that normally are fit to the Turbo S models.

Value also comes from a “simplified fit and finish” compared to the more expensive models, though in its initial release, Polaris didn’t go into detail on what that entails.

So what do these new models cost? The RZR XP Turbo S Velocity sells for $25,399 while the four-seat version goes for $28,399. That is a savings of $2800 and $2600 respectively.

Other changes to the Velocity model includes 25 percent more power steering assist, recalibrated throttle mapping to offer more immediate response and a redesigned clutch box to allow for better air flow and decreased belt temperatures.

Velocity models will be available in Titanium Metallic, a paint scheme that will also be available for the standard Turbo S.

Pricing for these new Velocity models north of the border in Canada will be $30,999 for the XP Turbo S Velocity and $34,499 for the four-seat version. That’s actually a bigger savings than in the US, cutting the price down by $3500 and $3100 respectively.

So is that enough of a cost savings to make you want to buy? Or do you wish Polaris would cater to an even more budget-focused consumer? Let us know in the comments below.