This Patent for a Side-by-Side Shelter Looks Awesome

Anyone used to ice fishing or camping knows that these pastimes require a lot gear, and a new patent seeks to make bringing a shelter with you a little easier.

Filed for by Todd Huntimer of Arlington South Dakota, the patent shows a shelter that would attach onto the cargo bed of a side-by-side and be able to fold out and deploy when it comes time for setup.

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This setup would be particularly attractive to ice anglers, as your deployable hut moves along with your machine wherever you may go. It could also serve as a camping shelter when out on a side-by-side adventure.

From the patent drawings, you can see that the shanty expands straight back horizontally and then again vertically, giving it an L-shape. It doesn’t look all that tall, coming to just below the roof line of the side-by-side, in this case a Polaris Ranger.

So what do you think about the idea? Would you buy one of these shelters for your machine? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: USPTO via]