You Can Run the King of the Hammers Course This Year in Your Own Rig

If you have an off-road rig of your own that you’ve always wanted to push through the King of the Hammers race course, get out to Johnson Valley on February 9.

The King of the Hammers experience will be led by Tony Pellegrino, a racer with a decade of experience in the Ultra4 4400 class. The experience will lead you on the exact same race course that the Unlimited Trucks will be using on race day.

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As you would expect, no stock vehicles are allowed and 35-inch tires are strongly recommended. Lockers are a must have as well. And if you do show up with 33s, your rig will probably make it, but not without a serious undercarriage beating.

Tony will be communicating with the group the entire time, sharing personal racing stories about the terrain you’ll be tackling.

The run costs $30 per person, will go rain or shine, and should go until about 4pm.

And remember, you’ll be running the Hammers the day after the big race, so expect the course by chewed up and maybe even a few broken buggies from the day before.

You can find out more about the run right here: