Can-Am Fights Back Against Winter With New Apache Track Kits for ATVs, UTVs

Can-Am has rolled out a new lineup of track kits to make sure that all of its side-by-sides and ATVs can tackle the winter.

The new Apache Backcountry system fits on all of Can-Ams ATVs along with the Maverick Sport and Maverick Trail. You’ll have to upgrade to the larger Apache Backcountry LT kit if you want a set for your Maverick X3 or Defender.

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The tracks now feature a 2-inch lug and 3-inch pitch to make sure flotation in the snow is top notch, while an aluminum slider system helps keep this thing rotating. Buyers can opt for additional idler wheels, Vespel sliders and ice scratchers. An adjustable pre-loaded spring and multiple rubber dampers are in the tracks, just like a snowmobile, to keep the track tight and in-place.

Ground clearance is lifted by seven-inches on average thanks to the new kit, helping to keep the machine up out of the snow.

Installing tracks is going to change a few things with your ATV or side-by-side, including the steering and speedeometer read out, but the brand has a solution. A Dynamic Power Steering models is available, allowing you to adjust multiple power steering settings, the speedometer and the odometer to make sure everything stays true.

You can also get the Apache 360 track kits that are meant for use year round, which means that they’re good in the mud, sand and even rocks.

Each Backcountry kit is covered by a 1-year warranty while the Apache 360 is covered by a two-year warranty.

The Apache Backcountry Track System for the Maverick Trail, Maverick Sport and Maverick Sport MAX sells for $5,349.99 USD. Pricing for the 360 LT is set at $4639.99 USD, while pricing for the Backcountry LT isn’t yet listed.

Make sure you come back to TFLOffroad in the coming weeks as we will have the chance to take the entire Can-Am lineup fit with Apache Backcountry kits for a ride.