Jason Scherer Takes Second Consecutive King of the Hammers Win

4400 Unlimited cars are not restricted by tire size, engine or chassis design beyond certain safety requirements.

Jason Scherer has repeated at a winner in the 4400 Unlimited Hammer Truck class.

This is Scherer’s third win at King of the Hammers and the very first time that anyone has repeated as a winner of the event. Scherer put down a time of 6:32:39, a six-minute gap over second place finisher Erik Miller.

Third place was taken by KOH veteran Shannon Campbell, though he finished well back of the top two with a time of 7:17:17.

A total of 29 4400 class trucks finished the race, while about 40 trucks wound up with a did not finish (DNF), proving just how hard King of the Hammers really is.