Maxtrax Minis Are Here to Help Get You Unstuck

Maxtrax have been on the off-road seen for some time now, helping get many rigs out of sticky situations, and now an even more portable version has arrived.

The new Maxtrax Mini is a smaller version of the already formidable traction device, meant for lighter vehicles or side-by-sides, though any vehicle can use them. The biggest advantage of the mini is its smaller size and weight, making it easier to carry on a journey to a remote location.

The mini is made from fiber-reinforced nylon and is 60 percent of the length of a full maxtrax. New center slots are included to help with easy strapping to vehicles or to a side-by-side roll cage. The actual dimensions of the mini are 25-inches long, 13-inches wide and 3.5-inches tall.

What’s even better is that the Maxtrax Mini can be indefinitely extended in length by connecting multiple of them at the end. And because they’re full width, the mini can be stuck on the end of the full-size Maxtrax as well.

A set of Maxtrax Minis is worth $199.99 USD and comes exclusively in safety orange.

Besides the new Maxtrax Mini, the brand has also released a new jack base for when you need to do some lifting in an off-road setting. The Jaxbase is essentially a Maxtrax Mini on one side, while the other side now has a reinforced HiLift style jack platform complete with a cut-out to hold onto the jack foot.

The Jaxbase nests perfectly right into the Maxtrax Mini when it comes time to store it, making it an easy accessory to add to your kit.

The new jack base will sell for $119.99 USD.