New 2019 Power Wagon Warn Zeon Winch Demo: Watch It Winch!

The 2019 Ram Power Wagon has a host of new features to make it more off-road ready then ever, including a new Warn Zeon-12 winch up front.

We recently had the chance to run the new Power Wagon in California to see exactly how well it handles when the pavement ends. And while our thoughts and feelings on the truck are still under a Ram-imposed embargo, we can share this video showing you exactly how the truck’s new winch works.

The new Zeon-12, named for its 12,000-lb capacity, uses a synthetic rope rather than the old steel cable helping to save 26 pounds on the new unit compared to the old one. A new aluminum fairlead has been fitted as well incorporating two hooks that make storing the winch simple.

2019 Ram Power Wagon
2019 Ram Power Wagon

The plug-in for the controller has also been made more accessible, now fitted to the front side on the bumper in a simple to get to spot.

In our case, we winched up a steep incline using a second Power Wagon as our anchor point. And while we truthfully may not have needed the winch at all, it was reassuring to have it and a good chance to watch it working.

So make sure you checkout the video above to see the new Warn Zeon-12 in action.