Proof of a Kawasaki Sport Side-by-Side Surfaces in Patent Drawings

It looks like Kawasaki will be the next major player in the off-road world to want in on the sport side-by-side action.

New patents, dug up by, show us that a Kawasaki sport side-by-side is coming together. This particular patent covers the design of the entire vehicle, including the roll cage, engine compartment and more.

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One of the most interesting features on this Kawasaki machine are the curved bars used for the roll over protective structure (ROPS), which are meant to make rolling the vehicle back onto its wheels easier in the event you do end up upside down.

From the patent drawings, we see that this machine will pack two seats, what looks like ample suspension travel and still have a small fixed bed in the back for carrying equipment.

As for a name, according to another patent found by, Kawasaki has protected the KRX nameplate in Europe and North America, leading us to believe that will be the name of this new machine when it is unveiled.

Other details are unknown at this time, so all we can do is wait and see what Kawasaki comes out with.