This Nearly Stock Can-Am Maverick Sport X rc 1000R Completed King of the Hammers

Finishing 21st place at King of the Hammers doesn’t sound that impressive, but doing it in a stock side-by-side certainly makes a statement about build quality.

Can-Am racer Chad Hughes managed to pass 60 other vehicles, many of which didn’t finish the race, on his way to finishing 21st.

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The X rc is built specially for rock crawling, so it gave up some time in the high-speed desert section. But Hughes made up lots of time in the rocks. “As soon as we hit the first [rock] canyon, we started passing cars like crazy…eight cars here, six cars there, and it went on and on,” said Hughes. “And we managed to hit 78mph on the lake beds running 33-inch tires.”

The machine has no mechanical issues during the race, with just some scratches and damage to the skid plate. Hughes claims that the machine was 90 percent stock. The changes include a new roll cage, a new harness system, safety nets, fire extinguishers, flashing race lights and an STI wheel and tire kit. The 33-inch tires are three-inches larger than stock.

“The car passed tech with flying colors,” he said. “Our only re-work was to make the roof numbers larger. Everything else was stock.  We ran a stock drivetrain, stock suspension, stock brakes, stock steering, stock A-arms and all! It’s almost unbelievable really, but I’m super impressed with the little car and, to me, it’s mission accomplished for Can-Am.”