Yamaha Reveals Two New Outboards, a Big One and a Baby

Yamaha T25

Yamaha has rolled out two new outboard motors for 2019, one of which is all about massive power for big boats, while the other is just a baby outboard.

The new F20 adds to Yamaha’s portable outboard lineup, packing 20 horsepower, electronic fuel injection and variable trolling speed.

Yamaha F20

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On the other end of the spectrum, Yamaha also revealed the new T25, built with high-power in mind. The T25 offers a new 25-inch shaft model to help Yamaha keep up with the industry trend of larger, heavier boats using outboard power. Based on the existing F25, the new T25 uses lots of the same technology, like EFI, variable trolling rpm and compatibility with Yamaha’s Command Link digital gauges. A dual-thrust propeller tested for this outboard has been fitted to help with pushing big loads in both forward and reverse.

To make sure it performs a little better than the F25, the new T25 uses a two-cylinder powerhead that packs two valves per cylinder.

Now back to the small F20, which is based on the F25. The new smaller engine has modified ECU mapping and a redesigned camshaft to harness all the power of the platform, while the alternator makes up to 16 amps of power. That means that battery charging and running additional electronic equipment will be possible with this small unit.

To make sure it is portable, built-in carry handles are built onto the F20 along with pads for easy storage. The F20 can be had in either 20-inch or 15-inch shaft versions.

Both engines can accept power start or manual start, though the pull start will be fit as a backup on all engines for peace of mind. Both will be available in the spring of 2019.