2019 Can-Am Outlander Backcountry Review: Is an ATV With Tracks More Fun Than a Sled?

With a Canadian parent company, is it any wonder that Can-Am is so good at preparing its vehicles for the snow?

The new Backcountry track kits for the brand’s Outlander ATVs are ready for the deepest powder you can find. We had the chance to run them through deep powder in rural Quebec, and the Backcountry tracks lived up to their name.

The snowmobile-style slider systems helps the two-inch lugs bite into the snow, providing the forward thrust and floatation that gets the Outlander moving through the deep stuff.

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Riding these machines is akin to a snowmobile only in the areas you can reach, as the actual riding experience is quite different. A snowmobile feels much less stable and like it needs your body weight to control its trajectory, whereas the Outlander with tracks is much less susceptible to your body weight is more of a brutish plow, crashing through any snow obstacle you put in front of it.

The key question with these tracks isn’t are they any fun, because the answer is a simple and resounding yes. It is whether or not they are worth the money. In the US, you’re looking at spending about $6,000 for the kit, while in Canada it’s closer to $7000. For that kind of money, you can buy a decent used snowmobile and let your ATV sleep for the winter. But there is something to be said for maintaining and caring for one powertrain, rather than having two.

So what’s our conclusion? You’ll have to watch the full video review above to find out.