2020 Timbersled Lineup Adds 3-Inch Paddles to Make Your Dirt Bike Good in Deep Snow

Since back in 2011, Timbersled has been offering full track conversion kits for your dirtbike to get it ready for the winter.

For 2020, Timbersled is rolling out sone new models, the most impressive of which is the Timbersled RIOT, bringing the first three-inch paddle track to the snow bike space with the ARO 3.

The RIOT uses unique patent-pending suspension technology that incorporates a single-arm rear suspension, dual shocks a new lightweight suspension rails. This is supposed to replicate the dirt bike experience closely. Two RIOT models are available, the standard version and the LE which uses FOX ZERO QS3 shocks.

The other new model is the ARO 3, introducing a three-inch paddles to the rear to help with floatation and traction. The paddles are 25 percent larger to make sure this belt can really dig in to the snow, while they have been made stiffer for better turning and sidehill performance.

Suspension geometry has been updated in 2020 on the ARO models as well to help bring increased lift in deep snow and a lighter ski feel.

FOX QS3 shocks can also be had with the ARO3.

For all 2020 Timbersled models, the brand has reduced the approach angle for lighter steering and easier carving. New lightweight driveline sprockets create less resistance to deliver more power to the track. A new molded brake cover has also been added, minimizing snow build up.

Timbersled is owned by Polaris and produces these snow bike conversion kits for a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes from the early 90s to today.