2020 Yamaha Snowmobile Lineup Adds New Premium Options

Yamaha has expanded its lineup of snowmobiles for 2020, including new Grand Touring models, a new Viper platform and more utility options.

The new GT sleds are about offering a premium experience. The series is lef by the Sidewinder L-TX GT and the Sidewinder S-TX GT, the first two-up snowmobile with over 180 horsepower, a detachable backrest and an auxiliary fuel tank.

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The SRViper L-TX GT is the other GT model and includes new Gen2 bodywork, LED headlight and a revised ECU for better performance.

All of the GT models are meant to combine performance with comfort, so each features upgraded suspension, taller windshields, more storage, heated seats and visor outlets.

At the absolute top of Yamaha’s snowmobile range are the LE models, highlights by different track specs, top of the line suspension upgrades, increased storage and lightweight brake discs.

The LE models are only available by special order this spring, so if you’re interested, you better order now. The SE models complete the lineup and offer the best value of the bunch.

As for utility, the all-new Transporter 600 offers push-button start, a spacious rear cargo rack and a large 153-inch track along with mountain skis.

Yamaha also updated its smallest models, the Snoscoot lineup meant for youth. A new carburetor has been added to help with starting and to provide better adjustability and a little more top end speed. Other upgrades include a tighter steering radius, wider handlebars and a tether switch.