Here’s How Can-Am Gets Your Side-by-Side or ATV Ready for Deep Snow

For those who want 12 months of riding out of their Can-Am and live in a snowy place, the new Apache Backcountry and Backcountry LT track kit are the best option.

The new Backcountry LT tracks from Can-Am can now be fit to the Defender and Maverick X3, while the Maverick Sport, Maverick Trail and Outlander ATV can be had with the standard Backcountry tracks.

The difference between the two is length. The LTs are 48.3 inches in the front and 69 inches, while the standards Backcountrys are 39.9 inches in the front and 62.6 inches in the rear.

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Doesn’t matter if you go with the LT or the standard kit, both share the same attributes which are designed specifically to tackle the deepest snow.

Rather than a set of multiple idler wheels, the Backcountry kit uses a slider system identical to what you’ll find on any snowmobile. This helps to keep even downward pressure on the two-inch lugs, keeping them solidly in contact with the snow to provide biting traction. Ground clearance improves by seven inches to keep the body of these machine up out of the snow.

Pricing for the Backcountry LT in Canada comes in at $7,999.99 for a set of tracks, though you also need to buy a mounting kit which varies in price depending on your vehicle. The kit for the Defender is around $750, while the kit for the Maverick X3 runs $949.99 for the 64-inch model and $1049.99 for the 72-inch wide model.

In the US, the Backcountry LT kits costs $5349.99, while pricing for the new LT kits isn’t out yet in the US. That’s because the new Backcountry LT kit won’t be available until September of 2019.

We recently had the chance to put the new snow tracks to the test in rural Quebec, Canada, thanks to Can-Am. A full review on the Backcountry track kits is coming soon, but for now, watch the video above to see exactly how the tracks are designed to tackle even the deepest snow.