Side-by-Sides are Dominating the Powersports World – Why Polaris is Pushing the Latest Technology

Side-by-sides have certainly taken over a large part of the off-road market, and we’re trying to find out all the reasons why.

We recently had the chance to chat with representatives from Polaris about this shift in the industry to try and get the brand’s take on why side-by-sides have become so expensive and also what Polaris is doing to offer more budget options.

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We asked Polaris about what it takes to build competitive products in what is an ever expending market and what the brand is doing to stay out front of the competition.

To see the answers, you’ll have to watch the video that is embedded above. This is the first in a series where we try to bring you larger conversations about the off-road industry as a whole from the manufacturers that build the machines that we know and love.