What’s New in the 2020 Polaris Snowmobile Lineup

Polaris has released information on its 2020 snowmobile lineup, introducing a few new models into the mix.

When it comes to its RMK mountain sled lineup, Polaris has added new models at the bottom and top of the range.

The new RMK EVO is all about allowing novice off-trail riders the ride match of track and power to get used to cutting through mountain powder. It uses a 144-inch track paired with Polaris’ 550 fan-cooled engine. As confidence grows, Polaris will also sell you the EVOlution Kit, capable of increasing suspension travel and more allowing the 550 to make more power.

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At the other end, the new RMK KHOAS 155 combines that big 155-inch track with React Front Suspenion, combining Walker Evans shocks and new suspension geometry. Polaris says that the changes are a tighter, more aggressive rail profile, more front track shock travel and a longer limited strap.

For the 2020 Polaris Indy lineup, the new Indy XCR model introduces a race-ready model with Pro-CC rear suspension premium Walker Evans shocks. This model is all about taking race-proven components and offering them in a turnkey package, with either a 600, 800 or 850cc engine.

There are also new Indy XC 137, Indy SP 137 and Indy Adventure 137 models with Walker Evans shock packages.

Opting for the Adventure 137 models adds on a number of accessories straight outta the gate, including an overnight bag, mirrors, a heavy-duty front bumper and a heated passenger seat.