You Guys Were Wrong About our Cheap Land Rover, But Also So Right!

Land Rover has a reputation for building off-road vehicles, but they certainly aren’t known for being reliable.

Here at TFL, we decided to find out the hard way if the rumors are true by purchasing a Discovery II with our own money to build into an off-road rid. Well actually, the Disco we bough was already built pretty well for the trails, with a two-inch suspension lift, an aggressive front bumper and decent tires.

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When we purchased the Disco, the Internet decreed that we had wasted our money, $5,200 to be exact, on an SUV that would never run. Eight months later, our Disco still hasn’t let us down, though that isn’t to say it hasn’t been expensive.

Our first stop was with a Land Rover specialist to inspect our Discovery, and the diagnoses wasn’t good. Our unit leaks oil, it has a slight rod knock of some kind and it needs a water pump, oil pump and a new head gasket. About $8000 later and we could of had a nearly brand new Discovery.

But we decided to do none of that.

We vowed at that moment to do the least amount of maintenance possible on the Discovery II to see what happened. And eight months later, this Land Rover is still kicking.

Does that prove that Land Rovers are reliable? Well not quite. But maybe it does suggest that you shouldn’t always believe the hype, and especially internet comments sections, when it comes time to buy a vehicle (or make many of your important life choices.)

Watch the video embedded above to see Tommy breakdown everything you want to know about TFL’s Discovery.