2019 Yamaha Wolverine X2 Camso Track Kit – First Look Video

Adding a set of tracks to a side-by-side makes sure you can get through the thickest mud or wettest snow, and that’s what the Camso track kit for the Yamaha Wolverine X2 is all about.

Adding the tracks decreases pressure on the ground by 75 percent, which means that the machine just floats over the snow. The decrease in pressure also means that the tracks will tear up wet grass and dirt much less than a set of tires.

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As for the X2, this is still the same Wolverine that debuted last year, powered by an 867cc parallel twin engine sent to all four wheels with a front locking differential.

Cost is one of the biggest factors with a kit like this, and going for these Camso tracks will set you back about $5,300.

So the big question becomes, is it worth it? Make sure you watch the video above to see all the details on these tracks.