2020 Honda Foreman Slated for a Bigger Engine

When the 2020 Honda Foreman ATV is unveiled, it will have a larger engine.

This is according to ATV.com, which dug up documents from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that say so. For 2020, CARB has now certified a 518cc engine for the Foreman, a jump up from the previous 475cc engine.

Horsepower also grows thanks to the larger cylinders, though it’s not a big jump, now producing 30 horsepower rather than the old 28.7 hp.

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The last major Honda Foreman update came in 2015, so its not a surprise to see Honda preparing a new engine for the 2020 model. Other updates are certainly expected beyond the engine, though exactly what Honda will do is still a mystery.

The move in Foreman displacement helps Honda put more space in the lineup between the larger Foreman and the smaller Rancher 420cc.

You might expect that this engine upgrade would also come to the Honda Pioneer side-by-side, but CARB documents confirm no such luck. The 2020 Pioneer 500 will stay with its 475cc engine.

[Source: ATV.com]