Chasing Gremlins in Big Green, Our 1985 Chevy K10

For fans of TFLTruck, you no doubt know Big Green, but for those of you on TFLOffroad, let me bring you up to speed.

The truck was purchased in Colorado by the TFL team back in 2016. When Chevy caught wind of the video series, they decided to help us out with a ZZ6 crate engine. Once installed, the boys did some work to make the truck look presentable, including replacing the seat and vinyl flooring.

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There are plenty of videos of Big Green not only off-roading, but also towing and hauling, so be sure to go check out the channel for the full history.

Late last year, I bought the truck from TFL bossman Roman Mica, and adopted a whole set of issues that I wouldn’t find out about until after my 1500-mile road trip home.

From Boulder, CO to my home outside of Toronto, ON, the truck ran strong. Until one day, it died on me. Then we “fixed” it by tapping the fuel pump with a big hammer, thinking it was frozen up.

Sure enough, the truck died on me again while filming a winter review a few days later. At this point, I sought professional help. And we found the issue…I think.

The problem was wiring. The wire running to my high-pressure fuel pump was shot, but it wasn’t the only wiring issue. All the wires that run power to the cab were left dangling, unprotected and vulnerable. This was the case for some of the other wires as well. So my mechanic cleaned all that up, leaving me with a perfectly running truck.

Until it died again. And this time, it started right back up, so I drove it home and have stayed local ever since. So it seems I’m chasing gremlins, but that’s alright. Driving this truck puts such a big smile on my face that it’s all worth it.

Stay tuned for some real off-road action in Big Green, coming soon. That is, if it starts…