Here’s What Happens When You Put Tracks on Your Side-by-Side

Buying a track kit for your ATV or side-by-side can make a dramatic difference when the terrain gets sloppy, but is it truly worth it to buy a set?

We borrowed a 2019 Yamaha Wolverine X2 fit with a Camso track kit to answer that very question. The Camso kit is meant for year-round use and can increase your traction in mud, sand or snow. In our case, we tackled some wet heavy snow and the kit performed flawlessly.

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Yamaha says that with this set of Camso tracks, pressure on the ground is decreased by 75 percent compared to tires, a massive difference which results in excellent floatation in all situations.

One of the most important aspects to the tracks is the gearing, which is made lower thanks to a specific-sized drive sprocket that changes to suit whatever machine accepts the tracks. The result is strong low-end power, even when the unit is in high-range, though overall top speed is diminished thanks to the change in gearing.

In our run with the X2, we clocked the top speed at 45 km/h, though that was on the snow.

Yamaha also boasts that the tracks lower the unit’s center of gravity, a truth which also has a downside. The X2 does come across feeling planted to the ground, though adding all that unsprung weight means that the ride quality is diminished. The X2 definitely rides much heavier with the tracks then with a set of tires on it, and this can diminish the fun.

But, fun aside, if you have somewhere remote to get to, there is no better way than to fit tracks to your machine, as you never have to worry about getting stuck.

This kit for the Wolverine X2 costs about $5300 in Canada, and for the right person, it is worth every dollar.