Watch This Massive Powerboat Try, and Fail, to Set a World Record

The powerboat of Team Chadraun, powered by Maltese fuel provider Enemed, attempted to circumvent the island of Malta in record time.

On Saturday, March 30th of 2019, five-time world champion Aaron Ciantar along with two-time world champion throttleman Dominique Martini tried to be the fastest team ever to get around the island’s 47-mile coast.

Running counter-clockwise, the boat left early in the morning and was on pace to beat the current record by 8 to 10 minutes. But disaster struck just 22 minutes into the run when one of the engines failed.

The current recored is set at 34 minutes and 2.84 seconds, held by Mario Invernizzi and Team Kerakoll.

The team went back to the shop and managed to get the engine back together, but by the time the boat left for its second run, the wind had picked up and the chop slowed the boat down.

In the end, the team left the record alone, but have vowed to one day make it theirs. “We are thankful for all the help and support we received today, not only from our families, helpers, partners and sponsors but also from the general public who truly believe in us and rooted for this challenge to be a success. This is not the end and we will persevere until this elusive title becomes ours,” said the team in a statement.