Watch Us Cutting a New Brutal Test Trail for TFLoffroad

Off-roading requires, by definition, a place to go off road. Sounds simple, but sometimes, it’s anything but.

All of our home testing here at TFLoffroad is done on my family’s property, a piece of land that has been in my family for over 50 years. And the trails you see in all of our reviews didn’t come with the property. They are a results of years of labor and hard work, but lately, I’ve been feeling like there isn’t enough trail.

So I recruited the help of some friends, along with my father, the current land owner, and we got to work. The process began with us marking the trail, tagging each tree we wanted removed with red paint.

When cutting a trail through such thick forest, the key is to find the path of least resistance, and focusing on only cutting small trees while saving the big ones. Essentially, you have to let the trail show itself to you.

The location of the trail is no coincidence either. We have only one hill on our property, and this new trail runs both up and down it. The base of the hill should make for exciting off-roading as well, thanks to a small stream which will no doubt make plenty of mud.

It took two days of hard work to get the trail cut, and that’s only the beginning. Once the snow melts and the ground is soft, our bulldozer will run the trail and make sure everything is nice and clear.

This project also helped us properly test the Wolverine X2 with the Camso track kit, and this proved to be the perfect opportunity for just such a machine. Getting into the deep woods with plenty of gear in tow in the winter can be a challenge, but even with two feet of thick wet snow on the ground, the X2 was unstoppable. That’s why you would buy this track kit.

So stay tuned as we bring you the next TFLoffroad test trail.