Which Roof Option is Best for a Jeep – We Undress a JL to Find the Answer

Going topless in a Jeep Wrangler has long been a major selling feature, and with the introduction of the latest JL generation of the most famous Jeep, there are more choices than ever.

We borrowed a Wrangler Rubicon to truly see how hard it is to take the roof off, and the entire process was a breeze. The hardtop requires just two fittings be changed and eight bolts be removed to get the shell off. The process for getting the doors off couldn’t be easier either, with just three bolts and one wiring harness to deal with.

So undressing a Wrangler is actually pretty easy, and would entirely be a one person job if it weren’t for how big and bulky the hardtop really is.

When it comes time to choose a roof, there are really only two choices on the JL: power-folding soft top or not. If you do opt for the power folding option, you are stuck with it. Don’t get us wrong, it is nice to have one button operation and be able to open the roof, but going for the hardtop or manual soft top leaves you with choices.

So if you want to be able to change your mind down the line, and you can live with the 20 minute process of removing the roof when you want to have some fun in the sun, the hard top is definitely the best choice.