Big Green Meets the Mud – Our 1985 Chevy K10 Gets Dirty

Thanks to a four-inch body lift and some nice 35-inch Mickey Thompson MTZ tires, our 1985 Chevy K10, better known as Big Green, has been ready to meet the mud ever since it followed me home back to Southern Ontario.

So with spring melt water still in the fields, we brought the truck out to play. This was truly a test of the tires, as our K10 only has open differentials in the front and rear. But the Mickey Thompson’s were up to the challenge, providing strong bite even in the slick and deep conditions.

Diving into our water-filled trench, the power from the ZZ6 crate engine roared and pulled Big Green through with haste. An articulation test followed, showing exactly how well this old truck can still bend it, keeping all its wheels on the ground through or offset ruts.

The day was going great, until it wasn’t. We’re still suffering from a fuel issue with the truck, and it decided to show up once again while we were out in the fields.

So make sure you watch the video above to see just how easily the truck made it through the mud, and to see if we made it out of the field via tow or under our own power.