Destination Yamaha Expands to Bring You More Rentals in More Places

Yamaha has its own rental program that spans the US known as Destination Yamaha, and the brand has announced its expansion.

A brand new website,, lists all of the different locations that Yamaha offers these rentals, and the list is fairly extensive. From Moab UT, to Anchorage AK, you can find a certified Yamaha rental.

What’s even better, the website lists different adventure activities you can take part in at each destination.

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“Now more than ever people are seeking out new and exciting experiences, and Yamaha is stepping up with added options and ready-built adventures to offer them,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s motorsports marketing manager. “Getting outdoors – especially interacting with friends and family – is key to making lifelong memories, and that’s exactly what Destination Yamaha is designed to do.”

Each destination on the website will tell you exactly which machines can be rented there, and in many locations, snowmobiles are available as well.

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