Is the Mercedes G-Class Really Worth Three Jeep Wranglers? We Take it Off-Road to Find Out

The Mercedes G-Class and modern Jeep Wrangler both have origins in military, but over the years, one of these vehicles has become an expensive option for off-roading and it’s not the one that rhymes with heap.

The G-Class, while still packing some serious off-road credentials thanks to its three-locking differentials, body-on-frame construction and two-speed transfer case, has become a fashion icon, driving the price to astronomical levels.

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The G550 that’s featured in our video review above costs the same as three Jeep Wrangler, and we’re not talking about the most basic Wrangler around either.

So we hit the trails with the G to see if it is truly worth it, and it showed its skills off well. There aren’t too many obstacles that can slow down this off-road monster, and what’s even better, once you get back to the pavement this is as comfortable a vehicle as Mercedes builds.

So is it worth it? You’ll have to watch the video review above to see for yourself.