Polaris Helps Northeast ATV Clubs Buy New Signs

Polaris like a number of other brands support ATV and UTV trail systems across North America, and for 2019 there are some Northeaster clubs that will have all-new signs thanks to the American ATV brand.

Polaris has committed a $100,000 donation to six local organizations which will buy one thousand new signs to be installed during the upcoming 2019 ATV season. This is in support of the interconnect Ride the Wilds trail system located in New Hampshire and Vermont.

“The success of the trail system has stimulated a tremendous influx of visitors to our communities. We are encouraged by the support from our communities and are committed to fostering the sport by remaining diligent in responding to the desires of our neighbors and visitors,” said Corrine Rober, owner of Polaris Adventures Certified Outfitter, Bear Rock Adventures and marketing chair for North Country Chamber of Commerce. “Working with local clubs has been a great opportunity to address community-wide interests and this alliance has certainly risen to the occasion.”

It’s always nice to see the brands that build our off-road vehicles also get involved to make sure we have great places to go riding.