The Land Rover Defender is Close to Reemerging

Land Rover is reinventing an icon with an all-new Defender, and recently released “spy photos” show that the process is getting closer to completion.

We will see the new Defender without camo before the end of 2019, though Land Rover hasn’t said exactly when it will be revealed just yet. Based on these photos, it doesn’t look like it will be long.

The brand says that the Defender prototype fleet has just turned over 1.2-million kilometers (745,645 miles) of testing. And there is still testing to be done, with Land Rover offering a Defender prototype to Tusk Trust, an outfit that will put it to work at the Borana Conservancy in Kenya.

This process is normal according to Land Rover, saying that over 45,000 individual tests will be completed around the world before the new Defender is put onto the streets.

Testing is done all around the world, from the deserts of Africa to the streets of Manhattan, and Land Rover has included a graphic to show all the places where the new Defender has been tested.

We know that the new Defender will be offered as both a two- and four-door model, and feature a tailgate-mounted spare tire. Engines will likely consist of turbocharged four-cylinder gas and diesel units at first, with larger powerplants joining the fold later on.

Defender is a storied name in the off-road world, so there is a lot of pressure on this redesign. Hopefully Land Rover steps up and gets it right!