We Test a 4×4 Lifted Nissan Van That Costs Over $80K

Lifting a Nissan NV cargo van and sticking four-wheel drive underneath it makes it a capable off-road machine, but it won’t come cheap.

We recently had the chance to jump behind the wheel of a converted Nissan NV, built by a Salt Lake City Nissan dealership. The van came packing a six-inch Rough Country lift, 35-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires, custom bumpers, a rooftop tent, and a slew off off-road gear like a high-lift jack.

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Power comes from a 5.6-liter V8 making 375 horsepower. The conversion also includes the transfer case from the Titan, so low-range is possible.

A van may not be the first vehicle you think about for heading off-road, but for overland trips it’s an ideal companion that can fit a pile of gear on the inside, dry and safe. That’s the only odd part of this van conversion: the interior still has its seats. For a proper overlander, you would want more space for a living area, but if you want that, you’ll have to build it yourself.

Towing capacity on this conversion sits at 9,000 pounds.

The big question pertains to the price, and this van doesn’t come cheap. In total, the price of the unit we drove was $83,000, not a small amount of money when you consider some of the other off-road vehicles you can get for that money.

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